The course is designed for any adult who wants or needs to assess a horse's behavior. A deeper understanding of the horse will be helpful both during the daily handling and riding of horses.

We often hear parents of children with horses say that they are afraid of horses. When we ask them whether they want to allow the child to keep a dog if they possibly were afraid of dogs, then the answer has always been NO!

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When you consider how much more we affect our dogs alone that we have them with us at home, compared to the upbringing we traditionally give our horses, it is interesting that we unsupervised and without any qualified knowledge allow our children to handle and to assess the safety around an animal that usually weighs 10 times as much as a really big and strong dog!

On this course you will, among other things, learn some methods by which you can put an end to many of the little daily annoyances that may be about to have a horse that is at least as educated as your dog. We will look at some of the horse's basic characteristics, namely its fears, hierachy and laziness, and learn how best to use these properties in our daily training of the horse. With this knowledge on hand, the horse is a herd animal with a hierarchy, which leads the horse decides in a hierarchy where there is no room for discussion, we are able to take the lead horse position.

If we want to win the right to be the lead horse, we need to act in a way the horse can understand. In terms of raw power and weight, we rarely have a chance, so we'll have to rely on other advantages we may have. As the little creature we are in relation to a horse, we have to learn to use our minds.


Every horse in the paddock will be with the leading horse, some are allowed others aren´t. But your horse has to want to be with you, cause for a drawing competition with the horse at one end of a rope and you at the other end, the outcome is a foregone conclusion, the horse pulls with you and not vice versa!

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tl_files/little mule/Adfaerd/Adfaerd2.jpg On this course you will mainly work with your/ your childs / our horse at halter and leadrope. This will show you some of the places where you have to put in, what things you have to work with, because only after you have taken a leading role, the cooperation between you and the horse can work out well.

Cand. Pæd. René Jensen

underviser blandt andet i Hestens adfærd på Vilhelmsborg, introduktionskursus 1A og 1B. Og selv om Rene har stor erfaring med westernridning og horsemanship, så bare rolig! - du risikerer ikke at blive cowboy, men lærer blot noget om, hvordan du kan kommunikere med din hest på en god måde.

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