Breeding Goal

For a long time we had the intention to describe our breeding goals, so it is possible to mare owners, to get a sense of what type of foal, it is we strive to bring into the world. Each time it has become an unaffordable style as yet no bother to read so in which each word should be written with a good reason, because there is not much about it when readers jump the halfway.

An article on HN, gave new inspiration:


Breeding Goal:

We want to breed horses that ordinary people can both handle and ride!



There are two things we believe that must be present to create a usable riding horse:


Der er to ting, vi mener, der skal være tilstede for at skabe en brugbar ridehest:

  1. Proper exterior (Without it, there is no guarantee that the horse keeps.) [Nbsp] and  
  2. Great minds (Without it, there is no guarantee that you are going to ride it.).

Statements of a pedigree statistics:

Our goal is therefore to breed foals that owners can ride, and with the right training can make for really good horses, whether you want a good stable show horse or a riding horse. Personally we don´t "bother" to ride poorly trained horses at the trails, for us it is actually the horses to be the best ridden.

Oh, now I'm on the way out of this one long style again when the "chatter" falls on breeding and stallion / mare choice, I can just go on and on .... Sorry!

The stallions we chose to use before we bought Obi, was chosen with care, but in the hindsight .... it was not the best choice :-)

So our call for breeders and buyers is that they must go at the seams for stallions, mares and offspring ... One can find a lot of informations making a few statistics.

Go back (and "forward") in the pedigrees of the stallions that interest you

  • Is the stallion a talented pleasure / reining / cutting horse, stallion father / mother   as "also" a skilled pleasure / reining / cutting horse? Or is its talent somewhere else! In this case, the talent is apparently not inherited! What about the stallion's grandparents?:
  • Are there any offspring of the stallion who is old enough to be ridden?
  • Are they ridden?
  • Which people are those ridden by? Youth Riders, adults or only coaches?
  • How are they doing?
  • Are there any offspring who have died? Why are they dead?
  • Since there is a wide range of disciplines within western riding, you need special properties of the different disciplines.
  • What qualities are desirable that these horses have?
  • Cuttinghorses?
  • Race horses?
  • Reininghorses?
  • Halterhorses?
  • And which of these properties are smart to mix and which are notably not to mix :-)?