Bridles & Reins

We have bridles and reins in Premium Oil Harness stock.

You do not get better quality and you can start using them right away

tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser1.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser3.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser5.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/trenser7.png
One ear Browband Futurityknot Reins 215 cm, 5/8"
tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser2.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser4.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser6.jpg tl_files/little mule/Frinta/Trenser8.jpg

You can even design your own brigle. 


Please contact us for more information and in with every question.