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Riding-/Training Camps, (Weekend)Clinic & Education in Horsemanship and Westernridning:

Do you like to learn riding, learn to throw a lasso, make an arrangement for a western show, comming to the saddle clinic, having birthday or something else, please contact us.

Our experienced coaches René Jensen has taught the clinics about horse's behavior at Vilhelmsborg (Introduction Course 1A and 1B).

And although Rene has extensive experience in western riding and horsemanship, do not worry! - You might not be a cowboy, but you can learn just something about how you can communicate with your horse in a good way.

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René Jensen & Obviously Two Cute

- Little Mule Weekend -

Friday evening to Saturday noon or Saturday night to Sunday dinner. Participants arrive in the evening after dinner and will stay until the next day at noon.

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- Weekend Riding Camp -

Starting Friday noon / afternoon to Sunday afternoon, with full board and lodging.

- Little Mule Riding Camp -

Starting Sunday noon / afternoon to Saturday afternoon, with full board and lodging.

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- Courses/ Clinics -

We hold a series of day and weekend courses in horse behavior, Groundwork and horsemanship.

- Education -

Our responsibility is to teach a solid and thorough basic training to the rider, where he learns to understand the body language of his horse. He is able to communicate and work out of respect, but in accordance with his horse and work. This knowledge you need for a show rider as well as recreational rider.

We have student horses, so own horse is not a necessity.

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