Cover Premium


We have chosen to devide mares up into four classes:

Class 1.

AQHA mares kr 8.000,-



Class 2.

APHA and ApHC mares kr 8.000,-
APHA and ApHC mares

kr 4.000,-    with plain-coloured offspring


Class 3.

Registered fullbloodmares

kr 4.000,-


Class 4.

Alll other mares

kr 2.000,-


For mares coming from Zealand, Norway or Sweden will discount upon presentation of bridge / ferry ticket. Rebate amount will depend on ticket price and breeding class.

Payment for Class 2 mating takes place in 2 installments. First rate paid by mating and second rate payable for living foal, if the foal is spotted. If the foal is plain-coloured the second installment doesn´t have to be paid.

Transport of semen: Further inquiry