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Pension Business

At the new construction of the barn we wanted to ensure the direct contact of the horse. In order to maintain high air quality an open structure of the barn was used.

Thus arose:

  • 10 big stalls (3 m x 3 m)
  • 2 medium stalls (2,5 m x 3 m)
  • 4 tying-stalls
  • 5 pony-/ yeaarlingstalls

Also accessible are:

  • 2 mare stalls
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By grazing on "wild" grass, it is possible without injury to health to get the horses graze all day. We have

  • 30 acres of pasture &
  • year-round grazing.
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For daily practice further than in the arena (20 mx 40 m), a roundpen (Ø 20 m) can be used. In addition, a Trail arena is in planning, which will  also be part of the planned paddock-way system. tl_files/little mule/Opstalning/Mule11.JPG
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Inqueries in long term accommodation can be directed to:

Vacation on Horseback:

Are you on vacation in the area and want your horse to be with you, we can help with housing.

Little Mule is located at about 800 meters from the beach, close to lakes and forests with more than 10 km established bridle path and next door to the largest game reserve, a protected area totaling 3500 hectares.

Just contact us about prices!

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