Saddle Testing with the Port Lewis Impression Pad

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A traditional western saddle is built over a wooden or glasfibertree, and has no chance of being "stopped on" / adjusted to the horse
When we examine if whether your current saddle or saddle you want to buy does fit your horse, we use a Port Lewis Impression Pad

Port Lewis Impression Pad

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  1. We put our Port Lewis Impression pad on the back of the horse.
  2. You saddles up by yourselfe, and get subsequently up without using the stirrups, as this may give a false impression of saddle fit. The time it takes to create a usable image depends on the temperature, rider weight and the poor saddle fit. Usually 30 minutes is plenty. It is important that you walk, trot and lope on both hands. When you get off the horse, it is again without the use of the stirrups and lifting up the saddle away from the horse.
  3. Now we have an accurate impression of where your saddle taps the horse when riding.
If the saddle fits the Equi-Dough'en be evenly pressed on each side of the boom length. If there are points where Equi-Dough'en is pressed right away, showing the places where the saddle presses extreme.
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